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Free digital resources to help
young people become empowered whilst studying from home.

Confident Me in schools

Dove's Self-Esteem Project are offering schools and parents an incredibly versatile set of resources that include lesson plans, presentations, activity sheets and parent guides. 

The resources are 100% free and help young people to build and protect confidence in themselves and others.

70% of young people are affected by low body confidence, but body confidence can be increased and learned.

We believe every young person in your school should grow up feeling confident about their looks. That’s why we’ve developed Confident Me, a set of easy-to-use and evidence-based resources for those in schools working with Key Stage 3 students.

Introduction to Body Confidence
Dr Nancy Etcoff

Assistant Clinical Professor in Psychology, Harvard University and Dove Self-Esteem Project Expert.

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Teacher resources

School workshops on body image: Confident Me

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Our free downloadable resources have been created to allow teachers and schools to run body-confidence workshops that can be run in-school or digitally.

There are single and five-session workshop options designed to adapt to your time frame. The resources include lesson plans, presentations for the students as well as student activity sheets and it is all downloadable for free.

The Confident Me tools are proven to make a positive and long-lasting impact on improving body confidence. The workshops explore how areas such as society, friends and family, social media and the broader media can promote an unrealistic 'ideal' body, and the strategies that young people can implement to protect and build self-confidence in themselves and others.


These tools are developed together by teachers and world-leading experts in body image. They also support the DfE Statuary guidance: Physical health and mental wellbeing.

Resources for parents

A parents guide to building body confidence: Uniquely Me

This resource is tailored to parents to support them in teaching their children about their self-esteem. Made up of a series of articles covering key topics that affect children's self-esteem. Each article starts out with an introduction to a theme and why it is relevant. Then, to help guide parents in making practical changes whilst at home, we’ve pulled together an action checklist full of body confidence-boosting ideas from our self-esteem experts. Finally, we have added a “Let’s Get Started” section, to give parents some ways to start the conversation today. 

This resource is available to download and share with parents. 

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The Dove Self-Esteem Project has teamed up with body positive activist, Megan Crabbe (@Bodyposipanda) to support kids’ self-esteem at home across a series of classes.

You can view all 3 episodes below...

Get your Confident Me teaching resources

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Confident Me - training videos for teachers

Confident Me is designed to help your school on its journey to building body confidence. By utilising our resources, you can help improve attitudes in your school.


To provide additional support, we have created six training videos to help all teachers in your school deliver this content in the classroom, regardless of their subject specialisms.

Workshop lesson plan and material 

Workshop lesson plan and material 

Workshop content overview

How to create the right environment

Tips for challenging questions

When to adapt the lesson plan

Dove's mission

We’re helping young people all around the world build positive body confidence and self-esteem.

“Emphasis should continue to be given to steps pupils can take to protect and support their own health and wellbeing.  They should know that there is a relationship between good physical health and good mental wellbeing and that this can also influence their ability to learn.”

DfE Statuary guidance: Physical health and mental wellbeing: Secondary

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